Collection: Concentrate Jars

Gray Line Supply Glass Concentrate Jars for Sample Cosmetics, Oils, Wax, 

Immerse in Elegance and Utility with Our Exquisite Range

GrayLine Supply Glass Jars represent a collection of glass jars, where sophistication and practicality converge, offering more than just storage - an experience of pure, clear, and unmatched quality.

Meet Our Range

5ml Glass Jars:

These compact yet spacious jars are meticulously designed to preserve the essence of your cosmetics. Their precision and clarity offer an undistorted view of the purity within, ensuring the freshness remains unblemished.

7ml Glass Jars:

Experience grace and utility with our 7ml jars. They provide that extra space without forsaking elegance, presenting an undisturbed view of the quality inside, marrying form and function seamlessly.

9ml Glass Jars:

Our 9ml jars are where grandeur meets capacity. Each piece resonates with impeccable craftsmanship, offering ample space and maintaining the pristine quality of concentrates, a clear testament to purity.

15ml Glass Jars:

Witness the epitome of luxury with our 15ml offerings. Each jar is a sanctuary where concentrates are housed in splendor, embodying a legacy of luxury, quality, and crystal-clear purity.

Unyielding Quality & Purity

Gray Line Supply Glass Jars are crafted from the highest quality glass, offering unparalleled clarity. The precision-engineered seals lock in the essence, ensuring each gaze reaffirms your choice for unmatched quality. Indulge in a haven of purity, where each jar stands as a legacy of excellence.