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2.5 " x 4.5" Gutenberg Dank Pressing Rosin Press Bags

2.5 " x 4.5" Gutenberg Dank Pressing Rosin Press Bags

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2.5 " x 4.5" Gutenberg Dank Pressing Rosin Press Bags - Step into the world of unparalleled quality with Gutenberg’s Premium 2.5 " x 4.5" Rosin Press Bags, meticulously designed for the modern extraction artist. Each bag is a masterpiece of durability, crafted to withstand heat up to 375°F, ensuring a seamless rosin extraction experience every time.

Our bags are precision-engineered with double-stitched seams, offering an extraordinary level of resilience and eliminating the worry of blowouts. Every stitch is a commitment to quality, ensuring that you can press with confidence.

Crafted from 100% organic, dye-free nylon, these food-grade bags promise purity in every press. Each bag is pre-flipped for expedience, ensuring your pressing process is as efficient as it is effective. With various micron sizes available, customization is at your fingertips, allowing the perfect extraction regardless of the material being pressed.

Capacity is king with Gutenberg’s Premium Bags. Accommodating up to 9 grams of flower material and 30 grams of finer constituents, these bags are not just tools but companions in your extraction journey, promising yield and quality in unison.

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