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4 oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottle (128 Count)

4 oz Clear Glass Boston Round Bottle (128 Count)

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4oz Round Spritzer Bottles - exude sophistication and practicality, meticulously crafted for diverse applications. The elegantly rounded shoulders not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but are a proven containment solution for a myriad of liquids. Crafted from clear glass, these bottles epitomize transparency and professionalism, making them perfect for showcasing various materials with an air of elegance.

These bottles are a popular choice for storing essential oils, thanks to their impeccable ability to preserve purity and aroma. Beyond oils, they are versatile enough to safely store chemistry and laboratory chemicals, ensuring integrity and quality are maintained. The compact design and durability make them perfect companions for travelers looking to carry perfumes and colognes without any hassle. In the realm of home utilities, they seamlessly fit into medicine cabinets as efficient dispensers.

Each 4oz Boston Round Bottle is equipped with a black atomizer top, engineered to deliver a fine, controlled mist of products such as air fresheners, breath sprays, perfumes, and cosmetics. The classic clear glass design ensures the contents are easily visible, enhancing the user experience and showcasing the quality of the contained product.

Take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing when you opt for these reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and multifunctional spritzer bottles. Available in a 128 count box, each 4oz (120ml) round clear bottle with a black spray top promises quality containment and elegant display, marking the intersection where functionality meets sophistication.

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