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4oz Flat Bottom Glass Jar (140 count)

4oz Flat Bottom Glass Jar (140 count)

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Discover the refined elegance and functionality encapsulated in our Flat Bottom Glass Jar, meticulously designed to house up to a quarter ounce of dried flower with grace. Each jar, boasting a 4oz capacity, is crafted to amplify the visibility of your premium products, offering an enticing preview that elevates the allure of your offerings.

With 140 pieces per case, these Child Resistant Round Flat Jars are not only aesthetic gems but also guardians of safety, designed to align with the highest standards of child-resistant packaging. Each jar is complemented by a 53-400 lid pairing, featuring the environmentally conscious Home Compostable HumidiNatural Lid, a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Specifications of the 4oz Flat Bottom Child Resistant Glass Jar are a reflection of precision and quality. With 3.22mm thick walls and dimensions meticulously crafted - a height of 2.73 inches, body diameter of 2.34 inches, and a threaded lip diameter of 1.95 inches - every detail is engineered for elegance and functionality. The jars are ASTM certified, ensuring optimal safety and quality.

Recommended for storing up to 7 grams of material, these transparent jars are not only a packaging solution but an aesthetic experience, designed to make your premium flower products distinctly visible and attractive. Each case assures you of 140 pieces of consistent quality, embodying the perfect fusion of safety, elegance, and functional excellence.

Additional Information:

  • Weight: 640 oz
  • Dimensions: 19x13x13 inches
  • Color: Transparent
  • Cap Pairing: 53mm
  • Threading: 400
  • Quantity: 4oz / 140 count / Box

Step into a world where each jar is a narrative of quality, safety, and aesthetic splendor, crafted to elevate your products to unparalleled heights of allure and distinction.

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