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9ml Round Black Thick Walled Concentrate Jar W/Black CR Lid, (320 count)

9ml Round Black Thick Walled Concentrate Jar W/Black CR Lid, (320 count)

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9ml Thick Walled Round Black JarDiscover the pinnacle of luxury storage with our 9ml Thick Walled Round Black Jar, expressly designed for those who house premium concentrates and insist on an equally premium container. Engineered with a child-resistant feature, these 9ml containers are crafted with an “industry first” unique bowl-shaped interior, ensuring every bit of your valued sticky concentrates is easily and completely accessible.

Whereas common opaque concentrate containers often suffer from a painted finish that is vulnerable to chipping, scratching, or flaking, our jars are a departure from this norm. Each is made of solid-colored glass, a detail that not only elevates aesthetic appeal but also offers optimal UV protection, preserving the integrity and potency of your concentrates.

Included in every order are 320 meticulously crafted jars, each epitomizing a harmony of robust design and elegant presentation. Accommodating up to 1 gram of Rx concentrate, these jars are versatile and perfect for storing oils, dabs, waxes, sample products, and cosmetics.


  • Size: 9ml
  • Cap Color: Black
  • Material: Thick-walled glass, plastic cap
  • Capacity: 1 gram of Rx Concentrate

Every jar is a statement of quality, a blend of aesthetic refinement, and functional excellence, ensuring your premium concentrates are not just stored but celebrated in a container that mirrors their esteemed quality.

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