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9ml Round Concentrate Jars W/CR Lid (Various Colors), (320 Count)

9ml Round Concentrate Jars W/CR Lid (Various Colors), (320 Count)

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9ml Round Concentrate Jars - are certified child resistant.  Enough room for 2 grams of oil or dab concentrate.  A favorite for child-resistant small-form glass containers among concentrate processors and pre-packagers due to its display-ready design and ease of use.  Also, the cap features a smooth matte cap for sticker labeling application and a rigid smooth side finish for easy push-down and twist opening.

Storing cannabis concentrates correctly preserves their potency for months later, they will be as viable as when they were purchased. Concentrates need protection from oxygen, light, moisture, and temperature. Storing them in these professionally designed 9ml Round Concentrate jar containers reduces their exposure to the elements that degrade them. Lastly, different concentrates have different storage requirements due to their varying consistency.

Indeed, our glass containers are true white or true black glass.  Furthermore, these Jars are not painted or shrink-wrapped.  Don't settle for anything less than the best.

  • Size - 9ml Child Resistant Glass
  • Matching Lid Included
  • Material - Thick Walled Glass, Plastic CR Cap
  • Dimensions - Diameter: 1.78"in  Height: 1.01"in
  • Cap Style - Child Resistant Push Down Cap
  • Capacity - Up to 2 grams of Rx Concentrate
  • Quantity in Box - 320
  • Use with - Oils, Dabs, Wax, Samples Cosmetics

Lastly, custom 3D printed lids are available for ordering.   Many colors/styles of jars and lids to choose from.

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