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Pop Top Dram Containers (Various Colors)

Pop Top Dram Containers (Various Colors)

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GLS Pop Top Dram Containers (Various Colors): are revolutionizing the cannabis packaging landscape. They eradicate the necessity for shrink bands and the associated laborious manual work, introducing an era of convenience and efficiency. Aligned with ASTM standards, these tubes assure CPSC child-resistant certification, instilling confidence in their safety credentials.

Whether you are housing medical or recreational marijuana, these Pop Top Drams are designed to ensure the freshness and potency of your products. The airtight and moisture-resistant features mitigate odor escape and prevent content degradation. The opaque finish serves a dual purpose – offering resistance against sunlight exposure and ensuring compliance with state regulations that mandate such packaging.

Ease of access for adults and restriction for children is a delicate balance that the Black Pop Top Dram’s design masters impeccably. It simplifies the retrieval process for adults while establishing a formidable barrier for children. Their popularity in dispensaries is soaring, attributed to their child-proof design, cost-effectiveness, and multifunctionality, making them a staple in dispensary packaging supplies.

Available Options for Black/White Pop Top Drams:

  • 6 Dram / 600 Count / Box
  • 13 Dram / 315 Count / Box
  • 19 Dram / 225 Count / Box
  • 30 Dram / 160 Count / Box
  • 60 Dram / 75 Count / Box
  • 90 Dram / 45 Count / Box

Each offering promises a seamless combination of safety, functionality, and regulatory adherence. The Black/White Pop Top Drams are not just containers but ambassadors of quality, safety, and convenience, cementing their place as the preferred choice for discerning dispensaries and consumers alike. Their ascendancy in the market is not just deserved but earned, a testament to their unparalleled utility and safety. Make the switch and join the revolution where quality, convenience, and safety converge, ensuring your products are not just stored but honored in containers that echo their quality and value.

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