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Premium 2oz Round Amber Glass Jar w/Matte Blackt Lid (200 count)

Premium 2oz Round Amber Glass Jar w/Matte Blackt Lid (200 count)

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Premium 2oz Round Amber Glass Jars - Introducing our elegant Amber 2 oz Glass Jars, a blend of style and functionality, designed to cater to your diverse storage needs. These premium jars, with their radiant amber hue, are not just containers but a statement of quality, offering a robust shield against the degradation caused by harmful rays and light impacts.   Includes a child resistant lid.

Every Amber Glass Jar is meticulously crafted, embodying a fusion of aesthetic allure and practical design. The jars come equipped with a secure black lid, featuring a plastic liner to ensure an airtight seal, safeguarding the potency and purity of your stored items, from essential oils and tinctures to spices and homemade remedies.

Key Features:

  • Premium amber glass ensuring content protection
  • Secure lid with a plastic liner for an airtight seal
  • Versatile usage, ideal for storing a variety of items
  • 200 jars per box, each boasting a 2 oz capacity

GrayLine takes pride in offering jars that are as apt for adorning your vanity with cosmetics and lotions as they are for nestling in your kitchen, holding spices or homemade delights. Each jar, a compact masterpiece, is travel-friendly and designed to fit seamlessly in your purse, making on-the-go access a breeze.

The Amber 2 oz Glass Jars are not just containers but an experience, elevating the essence of the items they hold. Each jar resonates with the quality, making them the perfect sanctuary for your cannabis flowers or any precious item deserving a storage solution that is as distinguished as it is secure. Step into a world where quality meets elegance, and practicality dances with style.

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